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Brand Strategy

Collaborately research to diagnose your business, and formulate creative strategy to solve those problems.

Experience Design

Implement the process of design thinking to bridge the gap between your business objections and customer needs.

In-house Development

Build scalable digital products so that you cand grow fast, drive change and building lasting relationships.

Connecting People and brands

Clients come to us unacquainted about what they really need, cause they are unable to identify who their users are or what problems they face while using their products. For this exact reason, they miscalculate and say ‘We need A’ but they actually need ‘B’.

We engage with clients in a dialogue to break down complex business objections of our clients into simple chunks of problems which we solve step by step. And at the end, we consolidate all the solutions to build a simple and sophisticated yet elegant experience.

Breakdown of our Process

Process for Brand Strategy

Creative Ideation

We sit close together with you and just talk, to understand what your business actually is. Clarifying the basics lets us discern possible business objections.

Positioning the Brand

Spotlight specific areas where you can outshine your competition. Establishes the image/identity of your brand so that consumers perceive it in a unique way.


Discover your target market, identify behavioural patterns, find motivations and frustrations of the users and outline situations in which those specific groups might interact with your brand.

Brand Attributes

The qualities and behaviour of a brand, as if it was a person. Attributes can be translated through visuals, voice, actions and assumptions.

Business Goals

Prioritize revenue streams, discover awareness campaigns and innovate systems to become more efficient.

The Deliverables

The final deliverables, mainly logos, identity, websites etc, designed based on all the previous decisions to meet the stated goals.

Process for Digital Platforms

Consumer Research

We study the potential user groups to identify patterns and intrinsic behaviours that stimulate them to make various judgments in their daily lives.

User Stories

We utilise consumer research data to build empathy graphs that help us make complex design decisions while building a product.

Define The Product

Ideate new strategies and state the business goals. A creative brief of sorts, which we refer back to while making complex decisions.

Wireframes and Prototype

Make quick sketches of how the product will look and function like. Refine it through multiple iterations until we get a testable prototype.

Front-end Design

Use clean and concise front-end frameworks to construct the final design, focus on all screen sizes to make sure that the website is responsive.

Back-end Development

Implement innovative, secure and robust development to ensure smooth online experiences for your customers. We also incorporate hassle-free third-party hosting and domain services.

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Chayan Datta

Partner/ Brand Strategist

Gazi Taufiq

Partner/ Creative Director

Ashish Singh

Evangalist/ Digital Marketer

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